Are boot camp style classes the best fit for you?

I am frequently asked about the effectiveness of boot-camp style systems such as CrossFit.  My opinion about these “train hard” programs is always the same: it depends on your individual strength and flexibility deficits, your training history, and your specific athletic goals.  These types of boot camp style programs can be effective, but without a firm understanding of these three areas, all that hard training could actually be doing more harm than good.

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While this balance is critical we must not forget about our bodies nutritional balance.  I personally have been taking vitamins and supplements since I was about 5 years old, thanks mom!

Over the past year or so I have been using a line of products call ISOTONIX  nutraceuticals which are some of the best nutritional supplements on the planet.  I make sure I fuel my body on a daily basis and make sure I am using the best supplements out there.

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